Simon LOOKBOOK Live Trend Showcase

Written by Peter Cortez

Photography by: Peter Cortez

Sept 13 –Simon Malls hosted a Fall fashion show at the Houston Galleria with guests from GQ and Glamour magazines. The show was replete with complimentary wine and chardonnay, complimentary massages and facials and, of course, fashionable clothes from some of the hottest clothiers. Patrons got the chance to view upcoming trends for this coming Fall and also received styling tips and beauty how-to’s from style experts.


As far as men’s fashion, the key trends for this Fall include layering garments, western wear, monochromatic hues, pin stripes, gym wear, parkas, and shearling coats.

Fola Lawson of the style blog “Southern Gents” — and also one of the LOOKBOOK expert Q&A panelists–had a great tip for men.  Houstonians all know that we don’t have a true ‘winter’ and that it’s usually very cold in the morning but eventually gets warmer throughout the day.  With that being said, layering up becomes very useful.  Lawson advised that you can start your morning with multiple layers and can “peel off” layers throughout the day.

Picture of Fola

Fola Lawson of Southern Gent (left) and Peter Cortez discuss men’s fashion

For example, let’s say you’re wearing a parka (the length of the parka, by the way, should be slightly longer than your suit jacket) over your pin stripe three-piece suit in the morning for your business meeting at work. As the day gets warmer you can take off the parka and still look dapper with your suit.

It may be warm in the office so you can absolutely lose the jacket and roam the office in your vest.  Once you get off work you can head to your favorite happy hour spot and dress down a little by getting rid of the vest and tie.You’ll still look presentable in your fitted shirt and tailored trousers but not overly dressed.

We also got the chance to speak with GQ’s Sabir Peele of “Men’s Style Pro.  When asked about any specific colors that are trending this Fall he answered, “this Fall is filled with dustie colors such as burgundy, green, and grey”.  Other colors that were emphasized throughout the show were cobalt blue, black, and brown.

When executing the monochromatic look it’s good to break it up with different types of Fall fabrics such as tweed, leather, corduroy, wool, and denim.  The monochromatic trend really creates a slimmer silhouette when executed properly with a tailored fit.  This cannot be stressed enough: fit is key to executing any outfit you’re wearing! Without proper fit, your look can be completely grotesque.

Overall the show was successful in showcasing this upcoming Fall’s key trends and looks.  For additional style advice for this Fall, we highly recommend that you check out Fola Lawson and Sabir Peele’s websites.