Tiny Boxwood’s

Written by: Lauriston Brewster

Tiny Boxwood’s is an casual cafe with an upscale vibe specializing in classic breakfast, brunch & lunch fare since 2007.  They recently announced that they’re about to expand to an Austin locale on May 9.

By noon, the order line was stretched long, winding out to the garden. But what a garden!  Tiny Boxwood’s Co-owner Lance Thompson is a landscape architect and the idyllic garden and outdoor patio are a great testament to his work. Adding to the serene atmosphere, the staff there was very friendly.

The fare came in hefty portions (chorizo and egg pizza and a parfait) and while mimosas are a brunch staple, I opted for the very brisk white wine mojito. I’m not much of a brunch-y person, but this place was overall really nice and a definite recommend.

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