Kaffeine Coffee

The proprietors of Kaffeine Coffee, the internet and office cafe near Houston’s Museum Park area, do not have any qualms with their customers lounging in to congregate, study or simply enjoy the calm vibe (but definitely go for the coffee; their brewed concoctions are so delicious.)

Photo of Kaffeine's menu

Kaffeine’s menu features a lot of signature drinks. The “Cup of Commotion” was a very sweet but bright pick me up for a late Saturday morning. (Lauriston Brewster/Bayou Current)

Kaffeine Coffee was started 5 years ago by Orgena Keener and her son Christopher Rashard. The cafe has a very diverse menu of coffee and bites and features comfortable indoor and outdoor seating.

And just recently their business seemed to get a boost of nearly 40 percent after the now infamous Starbucks brew-ha-ha that occurred in Philadelphia where two Black men were arrested simply because they did not order anything while waiting for their other friend to arrive (not cool.)

The Philly incident seemed to spur a general push towards supporting small, local businesses, which is good. But when the small business also happens to be Black-owned, it becomes especially imperative to offer support. In terms of sheer representation in the business sphere, there is a lot more room for improvement; there are only 3 African-Americans in the Fortune 500, for example.

Interior photo of Kaffeine Coffee cafe

The decor in Kaffeine is interesting and a lot of the pieces come from [owner] Keener’s personal antique collection, which includes armchairs with wool throws, an Eiffel Tower figurine, and a old school bicycle hanging from the ceiling. (Lauriston Brewster/Bayou Current)

It should be noted that Starbucks, in a macro sense, is not deserving of a full and total condemnation for the action of one misguided, overzealous manager. Starbucks can come through in the clutch during a busy day where there aren’t any local coffee shops near by. But at 27, 339 locations and counting, sometimes local coffee shops can offer a good respite from corporatism.  And Kaffeine offers that with the unique charm and welcoming vibe that only a local place can.

Kaffeine is set to open a second location, with drive through service, in Museum Park in August, across the street from the Holocaust Museum Houston. Go check it out!