Isoism’s Art Culture Truck

Written by: Lauriston Brewster

November 19 – Isoism (eye-so-iz-um), is the philosophy of actively seeking art, culture, life, growth, and evolution. Isoism is also the name of a really great, up-and-coming organization in Houston.

The folks at Isoism believe in living an art-filled life and they produce “wearables with a mission”; Everything that Isoism creates–whether it be stickers, jewelry, accessories or t-shirts– has deliberate purpose and thought-provoking meaning.

With their latest proposed project–The Isoism truck– they want to mobilize creativity and style and ensure that the beauty of art is accessible to as many people as possible.

Isoism Art Culture Truck

Street-wear meets dapper fashion shop + an art gallery…on wheels

Their truck will be a multi-faceted one stop shop for young men (or young men at heart) to get fashionable menswear and lifestyle items.

Isoism Art Truck visitors  can peruse through displays of cutting-edge brands, collections of accessories, books, lifestyle items, and even music, while enjoying a comfy, fully remodeled interior clad in all natural wood, metal and beautiful colors. Furthermore, the Isoism truck will serve as a mobile art gallery.

Giving Back

Isoism wholeheartedly believes that a low income should not hinder anyone from achieving high aspirations and that the key to success begins with education.

Education, when facilitated correctly, encourages young children to become more civically engaged,  go to college and find employment. For this reason, Isoism gives 10% of their sales to organizations that provide education support for poverty-stricken communities.

They take education support seriously and If you think that their commitment to education is relegated to just a few local charities, think again.  Just this summer they spent time volunteering with the  Tender Heart NGO in India.

Tender Heart, founded by Renu Bali, is a non-profit school that provides quality education and a nurturing environment to children living in the “slums” who can not afford to go to private or over-crowded government schools. If you’d like to donate, click here.

The Isoism Truck, once it starts rolling (pun intended), will also be used to further advance Isoism’s education initiatives and  10% of all truck sales will go to charities that provide quality education and education services to the economically disadvantaged.

Bolstered by the art truck’s superior advantage of mobility, Isoism promises to take their commitment to education one step further: Once a month the Isoism Truck will do a “Take Over Night”. On that night, Isoism will partner with a school or organization and 50% of their truck sales will go straight to them.

Isoism Needs Your Help

Isoism has started a kick-starter campaign for their truck and the deadline for funding is December 18th.

This is an ambitious undertaking, but it is very possible to achieve. They need YOUR help.

Not only with giving what you can afford (any little bit helps), but you can also help by getting the word across. Tell your wife, tell your kids! Or whomever! Tell everyone!

It’s a worthy cause that will provide more than just awesome clothes and accessories: the Isoism truck will bring culture and art and ultimately invigorate and revitalize communities that otherwise would be bereft of opportunities. Anything helps.