Written by: Lauriston Brewster

What I love most about Bebida’s, a juice bar/cafe surreptitiously nestled in a River Oaks neighborhood , is the lax yet still chic atmosphere and outstanding natural garden area.  It’s something that one wouldn’t come to expect from River Oaks certainly (no shade intended).

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Zagat included Bebida’s in their list of 8 hottest coffee shops to check out this year, and their recommendation was the matcha latte (“slightly sweet, earthy take on the traditional espresso drink, while its green hue lends visual pop”).  We actually missed out on the coffee, but the Master Mix smoothie was life-giving refreshment (spinach, avocado,mint,  spirulina, agave, almond milk, and lime). You can check out their full menu here.

While there is comfy seating inside, the spacious garden makes for a superb study space or overall lounge spot on a lazy afternoon.