Java Lava Brew

Written by Lauriston Brewster
Java Lava is a winsome little coffee shop/restaurant that opened in Museum Park a year ago. Nestled right on the corner of Southmore and San Jacinto, this hidden Hawaiian gem offers a big, inviting yard with ample seating, well-shaded terrace and friendly service. 

A picture of Java Lava's outdoor area with patio furniture surrounding a wood and metal fire pit

Java Lava Brew offers a spacious and serene outdoor area (Photo: Lauriston Brewster/Bayou Current)

Java Lava’s coffee is sourced from it’s very own organic 5-acre estate farm located on the slopes of Hawaii’s Hualalai volcano called Karma Su. The purveyors of Java Lava are committed to ensuring that the microbial life of the rich volcanic soil is free from chemicals and it is analyzed every picking season to ensure healthy growth. In addition to American fare, the kitchen also serves up traditional island dishes like the Loco Moco and Huli Huli chicken.

Java Lava Eggs and Latte Brunch