Madness on Main (Recap)

A photo of band performing on stage

Written by Lauriston Brewster & Frank Nguyen The sultry weather yesterday didn't dampen the spirits of people visiting White Oak Music Hall/Raven Tower for the 4th annual Madness on Main (for a refresher on the Madness on Main event, check out our previous post). Essentially, Madness on Main is a collaborative event between musicians, artists, and …


4th Annual Madness on Main

A photo of the Madness on Main crowd taken by Walter Rodrigues

The 4th Annual Madness on Main Festival is presented by 8th Wonder Brewery and will be held at White Oak Music Hall and Raven Tower on Sunday May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend).  In addition to 20+ acts on 3 main stages, Madness on Main, Houston’s favorite Independent Music fest, is partnering with Kaleidoscope Houston to produce a multi-faceted Fashion …