Madness on Main (Recap)

Written by Lauriston Brewster & Frank Nguyen

The sultry weather yesterday didn’t dampen the spirits of people visiting White Oak Music Hall/Raven Tower for the 4th annual Madness on Main (for a refresher on the Madness on Main event, check out our previous post).

Essentially, Madness on Main is a collaborative event between musicians, artists, and mom and pop DIY crafts. We like to consider Madness on Main an intoxicating pre-gaming rockfest, which is in stark comparison to the hyper-realized Free Press Summer Festival. Madness on Main shines the light and passes the mic to local indie bands.

Overall, the event was well organized and chill. We really enjoyed Houston-based band Handsomebeast.  Hoping to pioneer what they call “Space Rock Bump n Grind”, Handsomebeast’s sound was a great, crowd-pleasing mix of electric funk, classic rock and ambient indie.

HANDSOMEBEAST performing at the 7up Stage at WOMH

As dusk approached, we mingled with a very eclectic crowd at the Raven Tower courtyard, where we caught a rousing performance by PersephONE on the Deep Eddy Vodka Stage.

Hanging out at Raven Tower

After grabbing some specialty Madness on Main cocktails, we caught the opening of Limb‘s very spirited DJ set. Between head banging and sporadically spinning into the crowd, he would enter into a trance-state and vibe with the rest of the crowd.

LIMB performing at the 7up Stage at WOMH

Overall, Madness on Main was a significant music festival season opener which Houstonians should not take for granted. Thanks to this event, the staff playlist has grown a little larger: we’re still fawning over the musical stylings of Lyric Michelle, Mantra Love, and Black Pistol Fire.

Can’t wait for the 5th one!