Madness on Main (Recap)

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Viva Frida: 12th Annual Frida Festival in East End

Written by: Lauriston Brewster

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‘Transported + Renewed’ Continues in East Downtown

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Transported + Renewed Latino Music Series

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Royal Blood Rocks Warehouse Live

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Little Comets: Celestial Tunes at the HOB

Written by Lauriston Brewster


Photography by: Richard Cook

Oct 24— Let me just start off by saying: I’m not a big fan of Houston’s House of Blues (I mean, am I the only one who thinks $9 for a 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon is…criminally over-priced? I am? Ok). But never mind that:  for what they lack in thriftiness, HOB rectifies this by showcasing good music. And I guess, in the end, that’s all that really matters. My case and point: Continue reading “Little Comets: Celestial Tunes at the HOB”

Houston Artists Get ‘Raw’ (mildly NSFW)

Written by Lauriston Brewster

Copy - DSC_2571Photography by  Richard Cook

July 18The Houston Times got all artsy this week. We were on the scene to cover the Raw Houston: Elevation Showcase, a lively art gallery that provides exposure to Houston’s creatively endowed. Raw Artists Houston is actually a microcosmic part of the Raw Natural Born Artists organization, an extensive art community which currently spans 81 cities across the globe (with prospective expansion plans in London and Paris). Continue reading “Houston Artists Get ‘Raw’ (mildly NSFW)”